How to Qualify CTET exam part 2

CTET is known as Central Teacher Eligibility Test. This test is conducted by CBSE twice in a year for TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) and JBT(Junior Basic Teacher).Qualifying CTET will make the candidate eligible for teaching jobs in delhi or where CTET is required. This test is valid for 7 years. Many candidates fails to quailify this exam so here are few main tips on the below given link for qualifying this test.

10 Tips on How to Qualify CTET Exam – Part 2

here are a few things you need to have in order to qualify this exam

1. concentration- give your full concentration while you read. don’t let your mind run on anywhere else while you read. when you use your full concentration while you study then there are more chances that you can remember more quickly and easily.
2. interest- create your interest in the exam preparation and with that interest, study as much as possible. when you have full interest in a subject or topic, you are more likely to remember it more better and for longer duration.
3. dedication- without dedication, you cannot reach your goals as more chances are against you. you need to be fully dedicated towards the preparation of the exams and you sit on your study table to learn, then you need to decide that you will not stand up until you complete your particular topic and you will give your full dedication to that topic and will make it learn.
4. timetable- without a better timetable of your study, you cannot perform well in any exam you give. so make a better and effective timetable of your study and follow it as you have planned.
5. make your own plan how you are going to clear ctet exam and how you are going to prepare and how much you will study each day for how many hours. totally plan your journey towards this test.

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