How to do Ordering of Sentences in English

This article will tell you how to attempt jumbled up sentences in English. These types of questions are asked in many competitive exams and also other exams too. Here are few tips that will help you in solving these questions.

Learn How to do Ordering of Sentences in English

Here are the steps:
1. Try to find out the first sentence. If you can see any chronological order in the given paragraph, then it is easy to solve that question. You should try to find out the linkage how the events occurs in the paragraph. If you are able to find out the last sentence then it will also help you in coming to the right sequence of paragraph.

2. Questions where first and the last sentence is given, can be solved quite easily. Just try to find out the sentence which has the linkage to the first sentence’s event. Eliminate all those options of whom you have found the order.

3. Practice as much as you can of these questions to make yourself more familiar with these types of questions. Never think that these questions are easy but you can do them with a bit of practice if you have a little command over English.

4. Read all the parts to make the paragraph more meaningful. Try to find out the logical sequence and then arrange these parts in correct and meaningful sequence. So practice more and more of paragraph with jumbled words.

5. Finding linkage between parts is more important in these questions in order to make the paragraph meaningful. The things that are going to help you in these type of questions is only your command over vocabulary, your knowledge of English grammar, preposition, conjuctions etc. overall your command over English and practice of these questions.

Important tip :
If you know one sentence’s position where that sentence can be placed and not the position of others, then just do that question only. Only answer if you are confident otherwise leave it and move on the the next question. Otherwise you may find yourself answering other questions wrong.

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