Shortcut formulas for Time and Work Problem trick type-1

Time and Work Problems are asked in most of the competitive exams and other exams. These types of questions takes time while solving if the candidate doesn’t know the shortcut formula. Also if a candidate wants to qualify a test, then he/she should be faster in performing calculations using shortcut tricks.
If the candidate doesn’t know the shortcuts of solving questions, then he/she might not be able to attempt all the questions given  the question paper and so he/she wouldn’t be able to score higher in exams. So if you want to qualify any test and want to score more in exams, then stay updated with us.
There are approximately 20 types of questions that can be asked from time and work problems. We will discuss all the types in future posts.
Suppose we are given a problem on time and work like this.
If 24 workers can do a complete work in 18 days working for 7 hours daily. Then how many workers will do the same work in 16 days working for 9 hours daily?


Now if we solve this question using our normal ways, it takes 2-3 minutes. But here we are giving you a shortcut trick for this type of question which will make you solve this question in just 10 seconds.
These question basically follows a rule which is explained below.
Now according to the given question
M1=24 workers , d1=18 days, h1=7 hours
M2= ?, d2= 16 days, h2= 9 hours
So here is the trick.  Equate the two terms as given below
m1d1h1= m2d2h2
Then      m2= (m1d1h1)/d2h2
Now put the values of the given question in the above formula
                m2= (24x18x7)/(16×9)
                m2= 21 workers
so by just putting the formula, we get the desired answer.

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