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This time we are giving you a Time Management Idea so that you can use the time to the maximum and can do most of the questions. You should take this time management plan to just an idea of how the time should be divided and should modify it according to your capability. Because every person is different and so as his/her capability.

Time Management Plan for SSC IBPS exams

First do that section which is your strength like for example 1.computer or 2.english or 3.general awareness. Then the next easy section (from above 3) for you should be attempt and in which you can perform faster and give accurate answers as quickly as possible.
Time consuming sections should be attempted later:
One thing you must follow while giving any competitive exams is that you need to find out easy questions for you quickly and do them first. So question skipping should be faster for you to attempt most of the questions.
If you have a normal speed of solving questions, then you need to just do maximum 60-80% questions from a section and then fastly move on to the next section so that you can equally solve all the sections because this is IBPS condition that in order to qualify this test, the candidate needs to qualify in all the sections and also able to reach a standardized score.
Attempt reasoning section in the last:
Reasoning is the most difficult, time consuming and crucial section of IBPS exams. Since every question carries equal marks so it is better idea to attempt easy questions first from a section. And since reasoning questions takes time to solve they should be attempted last.
Quantitative Aptitude section should be done before reasoning as most of the questions of Quantitative Aptitude are quite easy with the certainty of answers. Also nearly 15-20 minutes more time should be given to quantitative aptitude and reasoning than any other section.
Don’t divide time equally among all sections:
Mostly there are 4 sections in IBPS exams, but quantitative aptitude and reasoning sections takes more time relatively. Where as English, General awareness and computer section takes less time to solve.
A basic idea can be nearly the below time management plan but you must modify it according to your capability.
Computer – 10 minutes
General Awareness – 12 minutes
English Language – 18 minutes
Quantitative aptitude – 35 minutes
Reasoning – 35 minutes
time divided = 110 minutes
total time -120 minutes
the remaining 10 minutes can be used to do the skipped/difficult questions.
Also based on your time management plan, decide how much time you will give to each question in a section. If you find a question tougher and you think it might take more time, then leave it for later and move on to find easy ones for you.
Use shortcuts for solving questions so that you can save time for other questions and can do more questions. So learn as many shortcuts as you can.
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