Ranking Test Reasoning Shortcut Tricks

Ranking test questions are asked in many competitive examinations including SSC, IBPS etc. in reasoning section. Reasoning is a very important section as it let you score more if you know the shortcuts.
If a candidate do not know the tricks to solve these problems, then it might take some of their extra time in solving. But since time is a crucial factor in qualifying these SSC IBPS etc. competitive exams, so we have to learn a few tricks to solve questions quickly in seconds. There is no formula you have to remember to solve these problems. So here are Ranking Test shortcut tricks to help you solve these problems quickly.
Starting from easy questions then moving to difficult ones.
Suppose you are given a question like the one given below:


Type -1: Rajesh is 12th from both ends of a row. How many candidates are there in the row?
This is an Easy problem.
Since Rajesh is 12 from both sides of the row. It means 11 persons are to his left and 11 are to his right. He is 12th from both ends. So total candidates are 11+1+11=23 candidates Ans.
Let us move on to little difficult problem now.
Type -2: Sahib is 12th from left and 15th from right end of a row. How many persons are there in the row?
Shortcut trick to the solution of the problem is simple.
Just add the two given numbers and subtract 1 from them. You will find the number of person in the row.
Total persons in the row= 12+15-1=26 persons.
Let us move on to more difficult problems now.
Type -3: Mukesh and Suresh are standing in a queue. Mukesh is 9th from left and Suresh is 6th from right. When both interchange their positions, Mukesh  becomes 15th from left. Find out new position of Suresh from right end.
Mukesh’s position changes from 9th to 15th from left end. So there is an increase of 6 ranks. Since Mukesh and Suresh both interchanged their positions, so there must be the same increase in rank of Suresh position from right.
So Suresh position= 6+6=12th from right Ans.
So determine the increase or decrease in position of common end and add the increase or subtract the decrease.
Type -4: Sonu and Monu are standing in a row of boys. Sonu is 14th from left and Monu is 7th from right. If both interchange their positions, Monu becomes 15th from the right. Find out the total number of boys in that row.
The ranking test problem can easily be solved by the shortcut trick given below.
Find out the common person who’s position is given two times. In this question, Monu’s position changes from 7 to 15 from right. Since he is at 15th position after interchanging, so it means 14 boys are to his right. Now Monu is at Sonu’s position which is 14th from left means 13 boys are to his left.
Add all these left and right means 14+13+1(Monu’s own position)= 28 boys in row Ans.
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