How to Solve Coding and Decoding Reasoning Questions #3

As we have discussed the first 4 types in our previous posts, here we are discussing the 5th and last type of coding and decoding in reasoning questions

Deciphering number and symbol codes in a message-
These types of questions are mostly asked in coding and decoding type of reasoning questions. In this type of questions, a few group of number or symbols in which each codes a certain message is given. The candidate is required to find the number or symbol code for each code or you have to formulate all the codes of the message. You can do that through the process of comparison of the given coded message taking at least two at a time.
For example, look at the given question below-
In a certain language, ‘come now’ is written as ‘ha na’, ‘ now and then’ is written as ‘pa do na’ and ‘go then’ is written as ‘sa pa’. how is ‘and’ written in that language.


Now there are three statements given
1.       Come now-ha na
2.       Now and then- pa do na
3.       Go then-sa pa
The shortcut trick for these questions is trying to find out the common words among the given statements. Try to find out the common word among the 1st and 2nd statement. The common word is ‘now’.  As you see, the corresponding coded conversion is ‘na’. similarly, try to find out the common word in 2nd and 3rd statement. Again you see the common word is ‘then’.  So the corresponding coded word(among ‘pa do na’ and ‘sa pa’) is ‘pa’.
Now you have found out two conversions…
So from the 2nd statement, ‘pa’ and ‘na’ corresponds to ‘then’ and ‘now’ respectively. So from 2nd statement, the remaining word ‘and’ will correspond to ‘do’.

So ‘and’ will be coded as ‘do’.

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