Shortcuts formulas for finding Squares of numbers

Calculating Squares of numbers is the most common task in all of the exams whether its competitive or entrance or qualifying. But calculating the Squares takes time and time is money and that’s why we need to save it. So here we are giving you the shortcut tricks of finding squares of numbers so that you can do faster calculations and save time and thus score more in exams.

What is a square:

If any number is multiplied by itself, then the product we obtained is known as the square of that number.
Must Remember:
For preparing Squares, you need to first remember square numbers up to minimum 30 on your fingertips or if you can practice remember up to 50.
Shortcut method of squaring any number ending in 5:
(45)^2= square of 45


= (4*5)!5*5
Here the first number 4 should be multiplied with (4+1) by adding 1 and also squaring only 5 means we get 25.
For example:
(Xy5)^2= (xy*(xy+1)) ! (5)^2
(115)^2= 11!5=(11*12)!25= 132!25
Here the first number 11 is multiplied with adding 1 in it (11*12) and side by squaring 5 and then putting them together.
Square of like numbers:
Here are formula shortcuts of like numbers i.e. 44,66,777,8888,99999 etc.
(xx)^2= 121*[(x)^2]
66^2= 121*[(6)^2]= 121*36= 4356
(xxx)^2= 12321*[(x)^2]
(xxxx)^2= 1234321*[(x)^2]
Few more formulas will be discussed in the next post.
here are some Important points for remembering about squares that will let you do faster calculations or give you an idea of the outcome. You must remember them on your fingertips for calculating squares faster.
Square of any number is always positive.
Square of any number cannot end with 2, 3, 7 or 8.
Square of an even number is always even and square of an odd number is always odd.
Every square number is either a multiple of 3 & 4 or exceeds the multiple of 3 & 4 by 1.
The numbers which ends at 1,5,6 and 0 will always get 1,5,6 and 0 in the end of their squares.
Square of any number cannot have odd number of zeros in its end.
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