Shortcut Method of Finding Squares of Numbers ending in 5

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If you want to qualify any exam, then in most of the exams you need to do faster calculations. Doing faster calculations will let you solve your questions quickly
Here is the very simple Shortcut Method of finding Squares of numbers that are ending in 5 :
Suppose you have to find the square of 35. What you will normally do is to multiply 35 with 35 and find the product. But doing this multiplication takes time much longer than this trick. This trick will let you do square root of any number ending in 5 in seconds.
Here the number is 35. So for the number 35, divide this number in two parts i.e. left part and right part. The shortcut trick is to multiply the left part to itself added 1 in it. Here the left part is 3. So multiply 3 to itself added 1 in it. Means 3*(3+1=4) which is 12.
Now do square of 5 which is 25. This is our right part of the answer. 25 will always be there for all two digit numbers ending in 5 which we have to square.
Now our answer is left part|right part means 12|25 means 1225. So square of 35 is 1225.


45^2= 4 X (4+1) | 25 = 4 X 5| 25 = 20 | 25 = 2025.
75^2= 7 X 8 | 25 = 56|25 = 5625.
115^2= 11 X 12|25 = 132|25= 13225.


This shortcut trick will let you solve squaring of two digit numbers ending in 5 quickly in seconds. Also it is a simple trick to remember and will let you solve squaring of two digit numbers ending in 5

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