FCI Zone list states coming under all zones

Food Corporation of India conducts various recruitment like Assistant grade, Junior Engineer, Steno, Typist etc. every year. The corporation organizes its exams zone wise and also gives posting zone-wise. If you are thinking of applying for FCI posts, then you need to know in which zone you belong and which zone you should apply.
For your information, There are five (5) FCI zones i.e. East zone, West zone, North zone, South zone, North-east zone. A candidate can apply for any one zone in the application form.

There are various states comes under an FCI Zone as mentioned below. This list have zones and their respective states under them as given here.

FCI Zone list

Here is the list of states in FCI zones along with link to their websites.

1. FCI North Zone 1. Delhi Region
2. Rajasthan Region
3. Punjab Region
4. Himachal Pradesh Region
5. J&K Region
6. Haryana Region
7. Uttarakhand Region.
8. Uttar Pradesh Region
9. Chandigarh
10. Ladakh
2. FCI South Zone 1. Andhra Pradesh Region (includes Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands)
2. Kerala Region
3. Karnataka Region (includes Union Territory of Lakshadweep)
4. Tamil Nadu Region (includes Union Territory of Puducherry)
5. Telangana.
3. FCI East Zone 1. Odisha Region
2. Jharkhand Region
3. Bihar Region
4. West Bengal Region (includes the State of Sikkim).
4. FCI West Zone 1. Maharashtra Region (includes the State of Goa)
2. Chhattisgarh Region
3. Madhya Pradesh Region
4. Gujarat Region (includes the Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli UT).
5. Goa
5. FCI North-East Zone 1. Assam Region
2. Arunachal Pradesh Region
3. Nagaland & Manipur Region
4. NEF Region (includes the State of Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya).
Food Corporation of India was established Food Corporation’s Act 1964. Some of the objectives of FCI is to make food grains available at reasonable prices and to intervene in market for price stabilization and to ensure food security. It is one of the largest Public Sector Undertakings. FCI Depots and Offices are spread all over India.
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