Shortcut formulas for Time and Distance Problems Shortcut #2

Through this tricky formula, you will be able to solve this type of Time and Distance question in seconds.
Suppose you are given a question like this
A student reaches his home from school late by 30 minutes from his scheduled if he walks at a speed of 5 km/h. but if he walks at a speed of 6 km/h, he will reach his home 5 minutes early. What will be the distance from school to home.
These questions are asked in many competitive exams and other exams. Students usually solve these questions by their own shortcut methods but their shortcut method takes time of about minimum 1 minute. But here is a shortcut trick for this type of question which will make this question easy to solve as you can solve this question in just 10 seconds or less. You just have to put the formula of our trick into the question and you have got the answer.
So here is the rule for this type of question.
Rule- if a person reaches his destination t1 time early by walking at a speed of x and t2 time later by walking at a speed of y, then the distance between both places is
Now equate the question given above to the rule also given just above.
Now t1=30 minutes,   t2=5 minutes
And   x=5 km/h,  y= 6 km/h
 The distance will be then
                                = (35X5X6)/1X60
                                = 17.5 km answer
So you put the formula and get the answer.
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