Sitting Arrangement Problems in Reasoning Part 2

The question is

Q: Six persons are sitting in a circular row facing the centre. Avinash is to the left of prakash. Sunil is between anil and parveen. Rakesh is between avinash and anil. Who is to the left of parveen?


The  trick to solving this types of Sitting Problems is that you have to connect the information provided in the question step by step. find out the common person (same person) of whom the multiple points of sitting (seating) are given. For example, try to find out the point given about avinash and then connect them. Then you will easily be able to find out the arrangement.
Here you will find two points about avinash.
1.       Avinash is to the left of prakash
2.       Rakesh is between avinash and anil
So on a plane paper, draw the rough arrangement of the above given question. Make a circle and cut on it a point where you assume avinash is sitting.


Think yourself as you are sitting in the sitting arrangement. You have to visulalize the arrangement given and keep in mind that the six persons are facing the centre. Now look at the first point which says avinash is to the left of prakash means prakash is to the right of avinash.
So you are able to find the position of two persons in the sitting arrangement (or seating arrangement) given.
Now look at other point given which says
rakesh is between avinash and anil.
As per the second point, since you cannot point out rakesh on the right on avinash because prakash is there. So it means rakesh is to the left of avinash as shown below


and on the left side of rakesh is anil.
 So it means you have found out the sitting of four person in the arrangement.
Now look at the third point given which says
Sunil is between anil and parveen.
Since you know the position of anil in the arrangement determined above, you will certainly know that on the right side of anil is rakesh. So sunil must be on the left side of anil. So point sunil there as shown below
 and now as per the third point sunil is between anil and parveen, you will know that parveen is to the left side of sunil as shown below.
So this is the way you will easily be able to find the position of the persons in a sitting arrangement (or seating arrangement) whether the arrangement is of any type.
Again we say that the trick is try to connect the information given and find the common person and his/her position and then connect all the steps.


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